Dragon Darts Live

Is a new generation electronic darts product, developed with state-of-the-art technology. Interactive gameplay is achieved through 3D interface and stereo sound effects.

Game scores are displayed on 19'' LCD high resolution monitor. Through the use of 2.1 audio system pleasant sound effects are delivered.

The system setup offers several configuration options to suit the needs of every customer.

Apart from classic games (such as 301, 501, Hi Score, Cricket …), completely new games are implemented on the machine, such as Tournament Jackpot - which gives out an award to the overall tournament winner, after a previously set period of time.

All games have a display of winners’ rank list, and the new games have an additional security system achieved through special sensors.

Additional Features:

  • online connection
  • playing from various locations (monitored networking)
  • player rank and machine location
  • online machine control
  • advertising

The machine has a superior design (metal casing), it can be mounted on its own stand or to a wall. Mounting to a wall is enabled with a special frame which forms a part of the metal stand.

Multigaming system option – more than one game on the same machine
The darts DDL system has a separately built-in electronic sub-system, which enables image and audio distribution, so that additional systems can be connected to it.